FIV IU – Embryo Transfer Catheter


Description : The PM-LIFE® FIV IU embryo transfer catheter is used for intrauterine insemination or to perform a microinjection (transfer of embryos after in vitro fertilisation). Some product references come with an opaque tube for better ultrasound visualisation, or a mandrel to adapt the catheter to the patient’s morphology.
Advantages : Centimetric graduations and stopper for better control of catheter insertion.

About this Medical Device

1st release date : 2002
Single use : Yes
Class : Is
Sterile : Yes
Sterilisation method : Sterilised via gamma radiation
Contains latex : No
Lifetime : 5 years
Certification : CE
Packaging : Box of 25 units in individual sterile wrapping
Stockage : In its original box in a cool and dry place